Oboman : Oboa/English horn
François Méchali : double bass
Mark Feldman : violin
François Merville : drum/percussions

Over 50 years after the release of the album “The Shape of Jazz to Come” by Ornette Coleman, the desire to explore unknown territory remains strong. Jean-Luc “Oboman” Fillon and François Méchali, artists that are rich with numerous musical experiences, draw the contours of a new musical project.
At the crossroads of jazz and improvised music, “Echoes of Freedom” is a project for which the different musical aesthetics brought by each member of the group is the determining factor : classical and contemporary music for some, Indian music, flamenco or Arabic-Andalucían music for others. The Group’s identity is built on a gathering of strong musical personalities, talented improvisers and remarkable leaders. The quartet benefits from an original instrumentation with the duality violin/oboe on the one hand and double bass/ drums on the other. Something in common with Ornette’s quartet : no piano! A real difference: the tandem sax/cornet is replaced by the duet violin/oboe, which are usually, but wrongly, classified as classical instruments… be wary of appearances…
A large part of the repertoire is devoted to improvisation, the celebration of the moment, risk-taking that is essential when looking for authenticity. These improvisations are collective, they leave the way open to emotions, to the musicians stories and origins, to exploring the relationships between the protagonists and the interaction with the audience.