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The Oboe Jazz



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Oboman… the oboe of all music.


This pseudonym attributed to him by Jazzman Glenn Ferris, Jean-Luc Fillon claims it, without any pretension, to share his passion and reveal the oboe in all its facets, in improvisation.


Thirteen albums, an original orchestral color, sparkling music, full of sensuality and beat. One of the most convincing artistic paths, a welcome change of scenery, the fruit of a subtle mixture of originality and perseverance.


A bold artist, he dares to cut his way through the heart of all that is possible, multiplying encounters, trying out and investigating original ideas. The mobility of his set, the range of colors and nuances which he displays, the brightness of his ideas all impose themselves: he exploits with great joy a whole range of ornaments and melismas.


A certain idea of ​​contemporary jazz, that is intense, inventive and fresh; it is jazz, but not only…

“The fullness of their tone give these instruments - the oboe and the English horn - a place in jazz that double-reeded instruments rarely achieve.”

Franck Bergerot.

“I used to think that every eccentric was sick or abnormal. But now I believe it's normal for a man to be an eccentric ”.

Anton Chekhov.



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Programs - JAZZ



Oboman Oboe, Oboe d'Amore & English Horn

Didier Ithursarry Accordion

Programs - WORLD













Oboe, Oboe d'Amore & English Horn Oboman

Bandolim Edu Miranda

Guitar Tuniko Goulart


Voice, Percussions Zé Luis Nascimento

Program - DANCE



Oboman Oboe d'Amore, English Horn,

Bass Clarinet & Electronics

Othello Didgeridoos & Bells

Emmanuelle Duc

Magali Verin

Vivien Visentin


Choreographer Patricia Karagozian

Light Designer Jacques Bouault



Paris By Song
La Batterie




A certified teacher from the Paris Academy, Oboman teaches jazz and improvisation at the national academies of Cergy-Pontoise and Mantes en Yvelines. The originality of his artistic path, that of a classical musician who, very early on, was attracted to different kinds of music (jazz, world music, improvisation), has today made him into a unique personality with extensive skills.

His musical experience, his mastery of several instruments (oboe, English horn, bass clarinet, electric bass guitar and double bass) and his talents as a composer and conductor enable him to lead successful and enriching masterclasses. Oboman is particularly aware of the specific expectations that classically trained students who want to learn more about improvisation have.

The main idea of these masterclasses can be summarized as follows :

Orality => Improvisation => Jazz

Or how, from the study of orality (skills, memory, acquisition, control, analysis and reproduction of sounds), we are able to move towards improvisation, and then progressively confront the specific and remarkable case of Jazz.




Catherine Lasalle

+33 6 84 49 94 42

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