Oboman: Oboe, English Horn, Bass & Electronics

Paul Hanson: Bassoon & Electronics

We first met in 2005 in Austin, Texas; what a pleasant surprise to discover Paul Hanson, fantastic improviser and bassoon player, it is so rare in the world of double reeds! The pleasure was shared, because after several musical encounters, we decided to create a duet based on free improvisation, and yet strongly rooted in Jazz.


So,  “Late ‘Trane” was born – from the admiration that we have for John Coltrane, a stack of (premonitory) signs confirmed our choice. Coltrane endlessly explores new sounds, new tones. (From 1964, after his meeting in New York with the Indian sitarist Ravi Shankar, he was inspired by Ustad Bismillah Khan, the greatest performer of shehnai– the rustic Indian oboe, very much appreciated, because auspicious). Under the influence of Yusef Lateef (multi-instrumentalist, among other things bassoon and oboe player!), Coltrane became interested in Eastern philosophy and spirituality. On the album Africa/Brass, Coltrane uses the tampoura, on his piece India, and due to his admiration for Ravi Shankar, he named his second son Ravi… The musical influences of Coltrane, the absence of harmonic context, the rich sounds of the oboe and the bassoon, as well as the electronic contribution on stage opens up a wonderful musical perspective to our duet, which doubtlessly goes beyond the universe of Jazz.

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