Oboman: Oboe d'Amore, English Horn,

Bass Clarinet & Electronics

Othello: Didgeridoo & Bells



Emmanuelle Duc

Magali Verin

Vivien Visentin


Patricia Karagozian: Choreographer

Jacques Bouault: Light Designer

The PGK company is one of the few Jazz Dance companies in France. Founder of this company, the choreographer Patricia Karagozian is passionate about improvisation and the report Music and Dance. She teaches at the National Dance Center and at the CNSM in Lyon.

A vibrant dance, sculpting the space, the bodies propelled by the dissonances and the breaks of sensitive and enveloping music. With the dancers of the PGK Company and the music of the Obothello duo: from the start, the wide sound spectrum specific to these instruments reminds us to order: flee listening to MP3! Taste this plain song fully on Hi-Fi or better ... live! Beyond the sound plenitude of the duo, the refinement of Obothello is illustrated in many inflections of heights, games of ornaments, subtle rhythmic sequences, in lively exchanges ... A beautiful complicity!

Finally, the association of music and dance with the new video-graphic arts of Jacques Bouault, Light Designer, brings real added value and fantastic visuals to this show.


Program :

Seven thematic paintings around major classical themes, traditional music and Jazz, open to improvisation, From the Adagio of the New World Symphony to that of the Aranjuez concerto, via Caravan, Afro Blue or My Favorite Things to Misirlou, traditional Greek song and winks to Hip Hop or music Brazilian.

The didgeridoo is a wind musical instrument from the brass family, originally played by the Aborigines of Northern Australia; its use could go back to the Stone Age (20,000 years). It is generally made from a eucalyptus trunk naturally dug in its entire length by termites. The musician makes his lips vibrate as for a hunting horn, horn of the Alps. The basic sound, the drone, is produced by a continuous vibration of the lips on the mouthpiece. In regions where it is culturally represented, the didgeridoo most often accompanies the singing and playing of claves. It is an instrument reserved for ceremonies and festivities.

The oboe is also a wind instrument of the wood family! Its origins go back to - 2800 years in Mesopotamia. From 1650, the Hotteterre and Philidor families, musicians members of the Chamber Music & the Grande Écurie du Roy, developed the instrument. By definitively abandoning the “pirouettes” and the “capsules”, they impose control of the double reed by the lips to express all the finesse of the sound. The oboe timbre can be extremely sonorous or, on the contrary, very soft. In 1664. Jean-Baptiste Lully integrated them into "La Grande Écurie du Roy" by Louis XIV. Consequently, the oboe accompanies the festivals, the operas, the ballets of court ...

Patricia Greenwood Karagozian began her career in the United States at the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater. With the Civic Light Opera in Pittsburgh, she danced and performed in no less than eighteen musicals, including West Side Story (role of Anybodys), Kiss Me Kate, My Fair Lady, Brigadoon, Applause… Paying particular attention to improvisation as well as the music-dance relationship, she improvised in concert in various jazz music festivals (with Philippe la Carrière, Benoît Sourisse, Olivier Temine…).

With the company FaCéCie (created by Fabienne Zanati), she participated in an improvisation and composition laboratory with a jazz quartet. Among his choreographic pieces are the jazz part of the Swan, etc. solo written for Pedro Pauwels in 2000, in the form of a concert-show; two projects that brought together professional artists as well as students from Parisian high schools; West Side Story (2000) and Cats (2004) presented at the Théâtre du Châtelet. Since 2006, she is president of the Collective for Jazz Dance: CodaJazz. Director and choreographer of the pgk company, his creation, Unfinished Fragments, was programmed at CN D in 2012.

The PGH Company : Jazz Dance

Emmanuelle Duc : dancer, professor at CRR of Cergy-Pontoise

Magali Verin : dancer, professor at Pôle National supérieur of Marseille

Vivien Visentin : dancer, professor at CRR of Troie

Jacques Boüault, Light Designer

After experiences as photographers and video editor, he discovered the live performance and learned the profession of stage manager.

He quickly moved towards light creation in the service of theater, dance, puppetry and circus .He increasingly integrates video as light /texture in his creative work.

In recent years he has developed IT and electronic solutions adapted to the show.

In 2015 he created the site in order to disseminate and popularize the material and techniques developed during his research.

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