Jazz Oboe and Symphony Orchestra



Oboman: Oboe, English Horn


Oboa Jazz Trio

João Paulo da Silva: Piano

Jarrod Cagwin: Jazz & Oriental Percussions

Bruno Rousselet: Jazz Bass

By accepting Oboman’s suggestion to blend jazz and symphonic music, the Ile de France National Orchestra has once again shown its desire to widen their repertoire. The mission of this orchestra is to spread the art of symphonic music throughout this vast region. Since 1924 and the famous “Rhapsody in Blue” by George Gershwin, Jazz and Classical music have often met up : Woody Herman for whom Stravinsky wrote his Ebony Concerto; Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn, extremely interested in early 20th Century classical music; Charlie Parker and his string sessions; Stan Getz and his record “Focus”…

“Oboa Nomade” is the result of an encounter between an atypical Oboist and an adventurous Symphonic Orchestra, of the juxtaposition of original compositions and of classical composers influenced by jazz, of a fine blend between written music and improvised passages. The music that Oboman proposes draws its sources from classical music, its spontaneity from jazz and its color from traditional musical from the Mediterranean. Furthermore, the classical and original instrumentation of the quartet – the mixture of the oboe and the tambourine, both originating in Mesopotamia, respectively in the years 2800 and 5000, associated with the Western harmonies of the piano and the good-natured jazz double bass – gives the ensemble a sound which is both very original and natural.

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Headquarters: 171, route de Marolles - 78670 Villennes / Seine

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